Don’s shutting down Beware the Kawaii and replacing it with The Kawaii Menace, although he’s having a little, er, issue, with the host and a rocky start. I’ll wait to see what he does before changing the links in the sidebar.

Because of the change-over, his thoughts on the new season are split between the two blogs, but so far, we seem to be in a fair amount of agreement about the new season. He’s sampled far more than I have, thus far, and I’ll be putting a post up later with my thoughts on what I’ve seen. (Nagasarete, Lucky Star, El Cazador, Hayate. DL but not viewed: Romeo X Juliet.)

The most intriguing post he’s had recently (YMMV) is on his old site, and it came from here. The full posting is quite interesting, and I recommend reading through it, but this part caught my eye:

You may call it the Rational Western Mind at work: on top of research, English-speaking fans like to take a body of details and develop theories of how these details are connected. After gathering the who, when, what, where and how, English-speaking fans want to know the why. I must say – although I frequent Japanese and Chinese fandoms as well, the most interesting analysis I have ever read all come from English-speaking fans.

No, really?

Edit: And the comments are even more interesting.

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  1. Nick says:

    Indeed, I’ve been reading Wabi Sabi’s writing since she wrote those articles on Satoshi Kon’s movies early on. She has some very interesting insight into anime and her writing is quite good.

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