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Brynhyldr in the Darkness

So, back when I was watching Astra, being annoyed at Funi’s player led me back to CR, where a series of time-wasting links dropped me into this 2014 anime. Shortly after starting to watch it antibiotici-acquista.com , I realized I … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, I forgot the title….

You’ll understand that at the end… Heh. So, Anime. That which must be done in deep dark secrecy, and with much hand-washing afterwards. As if! Nay, we otaku verily revel in our sin and delight! What, us, wash our hands? … Continue reading

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Ichika’s STILL a Dumbass … But so’s Houki

So I was threatening to derail a conversation over at Chizumatic into a two-sided discussion of Infinite Stratos, and decided to move my response to Topkiller over here. I’ve only got a few minutes on lunch, so I’ll be brief. … Continue reading

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Infinite Stratos, ep. 06

Note: my articles will have no pictures until I get a graphics program reinstalled. Way to get off the bubble. So, after episode 5, with an obvious trap, and a new girl (Laura Bodewig, the German) who hates Ichika, but … Continue reading

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We Should Have Seen It Coming…

So at first, it looked like Samurai Girls was going to be the story of one really powerful busty samurai, one reasonably manly guy (Yagyuu Muneakira), and a bunch of (mostly busty) scrubs. That would not have been much of … Continue reading

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Demon King Extra: Special #1

Well, as I said in the earlier update, it turns out there aren’t any OVA’s, they’re extras from the DVD/BD releases. Apparently they started coming out early last month, and there’s at least 3 planned. They’re about three and a … Continue reading

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Princess Lover Notes

Strictly as a matter of evaluating haremettes, Sylvie was top tier, with Charlotte failing simply on the simple-minded score…I don’t think she was really dumb, but she came across as an airhead, which I find annoying in more than small doses. Seika was the violent tsundere, which automatically DQ’d her, although in terms of business leadership, she was Teppei’s best match. As for Yuu… I just never warmed to her. Continue reading

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