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And That’s a Wrap…

A belated wrap-up of the Summer 2014 anime season. Or at least the portions that I watched. Overall, this wasn’t a bad season at all, with six series I could at least tolerate enough to view to the end of … Continue reading

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Well, That’s What they Meant by Re-boot

Basically they took the starting point from the end of the first season of Infinite Stratos and OVA… and just started writing their own story based around harem hikinks. There’s some very small bits of the original plot up through … Continue reading

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Ichika’s STILL a Dumbass … But so’s Houki

So I was threatening to derail a conversation over at Chizumatic into a two-sided discussion of Infinite Stratos, and decided to move my response to Topkiller over here. I’ve only got a few minutes on lunch, so I’ll be brief. … Continue reading

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Infinite Stratos, yet again (Update)

I’m probably spending more time talking about this show than it’s worth, especially given that it’s not a top-of-the-line show, but there are a few things to be said for it — as well as against it. In the main, … Continue reading

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Needs Testosterone Therapy

So I got into a discussion over at Steven’s place about who the male lead most in need of some testosterone was. Steven and J. Greely are holding out for Kio, who somehow never quite seems to notice he’s got … Continue reading

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Past the Midpoint (updated)

So, before I disappear into my RIFT-imposed exile from blogging tonight (it’s Head Start for those who pre-bought) I thought I’d post a quick update on what I’m thinking of the season. Fractale: Still the winner, but I’m annoyed with … Continue reading

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Infinite Stratos, ep. 06

Note: my articles will have no pictures until I get a graphics program reinstalled. Way to get off the bubble. So, after episode 5, with an obvious trap, and a new girl (Laura Bodewig, the German) who hates Ichika, but … Continue reading

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