Needs Testosterone Therapy

So I got into a discussion over at Steven’s place about who the male lead most in need of some testosterone was. Steven and J. Greely are holding out for Kio, who somehow never quite seems to notice he’s got three hot girls after him. I disagree, as he had enough self-consciousness to be embarrassed by Eris’ request for him to be her first partner when she went into heat.

On the other hand, there’s Ichika from Infinite Stratos, who can’t seem to get it, even under this set of provocations:

(Warning: NSFW below the fold!)

Adding spoiler tags, for safety’s sake

Hello? Room service? 1 gallon of Crisco, please.

Then Houki comes in…

Dude, where's my elbow?

“And that, your honor, was when I killed him.”
-Houki Shinonono

I’d thought there’d been a stripping incident that he’d brain-farted on, but then I remembered that no, that was the other moronic mack-daddy from Kurogane no Linebarrels. Or maybe not so moronic, he actually does seem to have some testosterone. I mean first there was that incident in the locker room…(slightly less NSFW)

Note: Don't take your cell-phone on those intimate locker campouts.

But I still say, lock the door after the second one joins the strip party, unless you’re feeling really ambitious.

Two's a party, three's a menage a trois; four -- I said EIGHT P.M. dammit!!!

Enh, ok Hayase knows what girls are for at least. Ichika…not so much.

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