Linebarrels of Silliness

I’ve spent the last few days mainlining Kurroganne no Linbarrels (Linebarrels of Iron). I’d dropped it after one episode before, but I plead boredom. I have to say, the series was quite entertaining… as in it gave me plenty of material for ridicule:

I'm supposed to believe those two girls behind mack-daddy are in junior high?

  • “Your strategy of avoiding being a victim by volunteering to be a victim has… a flaw, I think.”
  • “Gonzo being Gonzo.”
  • “Just hump him already, Miu!”
  • “Wait, Emi’s stacked like that… and she’s in junior high? Come to think of it then, isn’t Miu also…. Damn!
  • Are they both daft, or do they moonlight as strippers? Never mind, here’s a twenty for each of you!”
  • “You know, after the second girl comes in and starts to strip, maybe you should lock the door… unless you’re feeling really ambitious, that is.”
  • “Linebarrels of Face Heel Turn.”
  • “Hm. ‘Fuel Depot, no open flame allowed.’ Hey, this looks like a great place to cook these fish I plucked out of thin air!”
  • “Ok, it was justified at first, but by now, don’t you think you’re being a bit bipolar, Emi?”
  • “Wait, is he a boy or a girl?” (Note: I wasn’t talking about the twins.)
  • “Don’t mind me, I’m just back from the dead. Not really sure what you buried, buddy. Must have been a topiary or something.”
  • “Come on, you can’t even find one pair of pants in Emi’s size on the entire base? What is this, Strike Witches?”
  • “Oh, sorry, I meant Linebarrels of Heel Face Turn.”
  • “Mr. Moritsugi, please, please, please make me your ‘cabin boy!'”
  • “Enough Defender of Justice, yada, yada, yada, already. You got the secret decoder ring already, just kick butt and take names.”
  • “Oh dear God, is this what entertainment has come to under the invasion? I know they’re just kids but…. SCRIPTWRITER! SOMEBODY GET THESE KIDS A SCRIPTWRITER!!!”
  • “Wow, I think bob-cut (female version) just set a new record for going from zero to tsundere.”
  • “I’ve never been so thankful for a hair clip in my life.”
  • “Oh sorry, I meant Linebarrels of Xanatos Gambit.”
  • “Oh my GOD! I used to have a jacket just like that back in the 70’s!! Wait, did I admit that out loud….”

Well the OP was ok, if a little screechy, but I really liked the first ED song. The CGI mecha were a little too fluid, but annoyingly, they often made the screen so dark or focused so tightly, it was difficult to tell what was happening. Oh well, it was Gonzo, I wasn’t exactly expecting Shakespeare.

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