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Where I go on about a series of episodes on a single DVD, and possibly the quality of said disc.

Order Received

I’ll make a longer post sometime this weekend, but I’ve watched the Gargantia OVA’s and the Madoka movie. The OVA’s were a bit disappointing, in that I thought they were based after Chamber’s sacrifice and Ledo’s decision to live on … Continue reading

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Infinite Stratos, yet again (Update)

I’m probably spending more time talking about this show than it’s worth, especially given that it’s not a top-of-the-line show, but there are a few things to be said for it — as well as against it. In the main, … Continue reading

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Yet Another Nail in the Coffin (Update)

So here it is midnight as I type this, and I’ve a mind to jump in the car, drive clear across Houston, and pound on Sentai Filmworks front door. I am seriously cheezed off right now. I did my part, … Continue reading

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Well, Oops, I Guess….

I thought I’d posted an update last night, but apparently I only previewed, and didn’t save it. Oh well. Anyway, the subject of the update was simply that my order from RACS got in amazingly fast. Apparently, the best option … Continue reading

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Strike Witches Notes

Haven’t watched far enough to determine if they removed a lot of the fog. Not sure I want to. Even though I knew, I’d forgotten just how much the first episode sticks the viewer’s nose into the crotches of little … Continue reading

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So Steven’s been discovering the fun of torrenting lately, and one of the series he’s been checking out is a fanservice series from a couple of years ago called Goyshuso-sama, Ninominya-kun. This is translated by the fansubbers within the series … Continue reading

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Order Arrived: Tenchi and Neo Ranga

For a few weeks, owing to a family issue, I’m suspending the activities that have absorbed most of my time. As a result, I’ve got a bit more time to blog, so the hiatus is temporarily on hiatus. Not that … Continue reading

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