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General discussion (not specifically a review) of a series not available yet in Region 1, but subtitled by fans and released on the internet.

Update on the Season (and me)

Well, I’ve had a lot of time to watch anime this season, for reasons I’ll go into later. Not that I’ve taken major advantage of it; this season is definitely sub par. Does it still reek? I’d have to say … Continue reading

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Ubu Roi’s Top Ten (Dis-)Honorable Mentions, 2011

And now, the awards that were just not quite bad enough to be in the Worst list. 10. Worst Business/Marketing Decision: Fate/Zero, $350. ‘Nuff said. 9. Worst Angstfest: Be serious. Shanna F has to get this. Once again, what could … Continue reading

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Ubu Roi’s Top Ten Worst of 2011

Here it is once again, my annual attempt to prove I have a sense of humor by bagging on bad anime. You know, just because I can. For those of you who need reminding, the rules are this: these are … Continue reading

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Saving Grace? (updated)

…of this season may be the one thing I didn’t expect, not that it’s a TV anime. I’d been wondering the other day, what happened to the Negima OVA’s. I didn’t see how it could have lacked the popularity to … Continue reading

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Puella Magi Madoka, ep. 06

Ok, I’m certain now. Kyubey IS the actual villain. Come on, the use (by a puella magi) of the grief seed is to absorb “impurity” from the Witch magical girl (sorry, I had that backwards and just noticed)… impurity generated … Continue reading

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Ubu Roi’s Worst of 2010

Well, it’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaack this year! (And, as it happens, delayed by over an ‘endless eight’ months! But that’s ok, I promise not to post it over and over and over!) After skipping 2009 because I wasn’t feeling the snark (and … Continue reading

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Just How Nice are Catgirls, Anyway?

As I said before, the only black mark on the Catheans’ record seems to be their reaction to early Catheanoid assistaroids. So we know that they’re not angels. They seem to have shared very little information on themselves, as opposed to how much they’ve gathered on humans, but I don’t think it’s inimical in any way, we just haven’t seen it because mass data dumps are inherently boring. Most importantly for Earth, given their obvious disdain for the underhanded Doggies, technological prowess, and generally “nice” traits, I suspect they will be formidable diplomatic opponents to the Doggies in the long run. Continue reading

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