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Update on the Season (and me)

Well, I’ve had a lot of time to watch anime this season, for reasons I’ll go into later. Not that I’ve taken major advantage of it; this season is definitely sub par. Does it still reek? I’d have to say … Continue reading

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Well, now that you ask…

So over at Chizumatic, there’s a discussion going on about what the best shows this season are. Well, no, really it’s a discussion on what people think their personal favorites are or aren’t. As we hit the midpoint of the … Continue reading

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Samurai Girls RomCom Scoring

The conceit here is that Steven made up a scoring system to judge romantic anime comedies by. Now really, it doesn’t judge their qualities; if anything it’s really just a measure of how many tropes a given comedy has inserted. … Continue reading

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….But I’m Too Blind

Well, so much for that guess. The Tsundere Princess has gone dere-dere. Well, a couple of notes: Hammer Girl, a.k.a: Naoe Kanatsugu, the Warrior of Love, a.k.a. the purple-haired, twin-tailed girl, rivals ditz-form Jubei for stupidity. She’s sent by Sen’s … Continue reading

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We Should Have Seen It Coming…

So at first, it looked like Samurai Girls was going to be the story of one really powerful busty samurai, one reasonably manly guy (Yagyuu Muneakira), and a bunch of (mostly busty) scrubs. That would not have been much of … Continue reading

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