….But I’m Too Blind

Well, so much for that guess. The Tsundere Princess has gone dere-dere.

As a matter of fact, the left one does appear to have descended a bit...

Well, a couple of notes: Hammer Girl, a.k.a: Naoe Kanatsugu, the Warrior of Love, a.k.a. the purple-haired, twin-tailed girl, rivals ditz-form Jubei for stupidity. She’s sent by Sen’s brother, who has figured out that his sister is protecting Sanada and Matebei. Since she knew Sanada from way back, he figures she can infiltrate the dojo under the pretense of being Sanada’s friend, and spy on them. Unfortunately for his plan, she actually is nursing a tremendous grudge against Sanada for an embarrassing prank when they were just kids. As a result, she barges in rather violently, with a cover story that makes no sense, engages in a flashback that everyone objects to, and then, realizing that she’s outgrown her nemesis by a foot and several cup sizes, enjoys ragging Sanada mercilessly.

Um.... why? Do you provide it as a side job? (Survey says: Please Kami-sama, No!)

Unfortunately for her, Sanada has spent the last month working out the principles of her transformation, and has realized the kiss is only needed for the contract — in fact, her transformation can be self-initiated….

Poor Kanetsugu probably only landed halfway to the next prefecture, given that she was able to walk back by that night.

Well, it’s late and I’m not going to do a blow by blow, but a few random observations are in order:

Props to the comedic dialog, I’m enjoying it.

Most…common….camera…angle… Samurai Panty Blitz Tactics!

Poor Muneakira, to be such a nebbish trapped in this harem. Looked like he was going to man up for a bit there, but for reasons I can’t fathom, he chose to be a punching bag.

Yes, of course he was being blamed for all the women trying to kiss him.

Something I failed to mention in the earlier article: Sen’s reason for summoning Muneakira is that children are disappearing. While thinking about his newfound ability, he suddenly realizes that all of the children are from families of Master Samurai. I suspect the Greater Japanese Intelligence Agency will not be challenging Sherlock Holmes anytime soon, if nobody noticed that before now.

Jubei does not seem to be able to self-initiate without the kiss. Might be possible, she just hasn’t grasped the method.

Oh crap, beach episode incoming.

I’m outta here…zzzzzzzz

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