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Without Further Comment

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Done Deal

Going back to this post, I can finally say that I’ve been redshirted. I didn’t make the announcement when it actually happened , because I still maintain anonymity (though Houblog has been defunct for a while now). So yes, … Continue reading

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Here you go, Steven…

Spotted on the Megatokyo facebook page:

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Thanks for Everything (nothing), Ken

Well, as any follower of Chizumatic or Bridgebunnies knows (I do still have more than two followers, right?), I’ve been somewhat upset with the abrupt ending of Mahou Sensei Negima. I am not exaggerating or engaging in hyperbole when I … Continue reading

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Ubu Roi’s Top Ten (Dis-)Honorable Mentions, 2011

And now, the awards that were just not quite bad enough to be in the Worst list. 10. Worst Business/Marketing Decision: Fate/Zero, $350. ‘Nuff said. 9. Worst Angstfest: Be serious. Shanna F has to get this. Once again, what could … Continue reading

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Ubu Roi’s Top Ten Worst of 2011

Here it is once again, my annual attempt to prove I have a sense of humor by bagging on bad anime. You know, just because I can. For those of you who need reminding, the rules are this: these are … Continue reading

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Secret Forces Spotted

A rare public appearance by Wonderduck’s special forces, in a public parade. Go here. Well, technically, they’re geese, but you know those SF guys are always a breed apart…

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