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Should have thought of that..

In the final arc of Ah! My Goddess, Hild, Urd, Skuld, and the goddess sent to examine Belldandy and Keichi’s love are passing the time while the latter pair are off being tested by the Gate. Said test only starts … Continue reading

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And they all lived happily ever after ™

It’s only been a year since it was scanlated. You think I’d have noticed earlier.

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He Killed Negima for This?

Ken Akamatsu is back. It’s a sequel of sorts. In other news, Crunchyroll has manga. (I had to use the Mangafox link though; CR wants more money to read their limited manga. I’ll think about it.)

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OMFG, part deux

It’s back online. NSFW in the extreme! One of these days, I’m going to write an actual article. I need to get caught up discussing Campione! and Ah! My Goddess. And I need to get caught up watching anime… I … Continue reading

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No, seriously. If you thought Brickmuppet’s foray into Monstergirls was perhaps a bit risque, then DON’T follow this link to Mangahere. ABSOLUTELY NOT SAFE FOR WORK, not to mention your wife, girlfriend, or mom. That was a bit more than … Continue reading

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There’s Always Manga

Well, I haven’t been feeling motivated to write about anime, but what the hell, there’s always manga. Right now, there’s no “when is it updating?” title out there, the way Negima was for so long. (The less said about its … Continue reading

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Manga to Anime, Spring 2012

Well, if we had the season of the light novel a while back, this is the season of manga. It’s probably not unusual to see four manga made into anime in one season, but what is unusual about it is … Continue reading

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