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Ubu Roi’s Worst of 2010

Well, it’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaack this year! (And, as it happens, delayed by over an ‘endless eight’ months! But that’s ok, I promise not to post it over and over and over!) After skipping 2009 because I wasn’t feeling the snark (and … Continue reading

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Omamori Himari, quick note

I don’t have time to do this series justice, but it’s turning out not to disappoint. The art & animation could be a little better, but they didn’t do what I feared most, and turn it into a totally brainless … Continue reading

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Random Notes at a Ridiculous Hour

Since it’s a bit late to do anything like a serious post, I’m just going to throw some odd thoughts up here. Disappointed in Railgun lately. Indeed, it’s lost in fillers. The first two weren’t bad; at least they involved … Continue reading

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