Well, That’s What they Meant by Re-boot

Basically they took the starting point from the end of the first season of Infinite Stratos and OVA… and just started writing their own story based around harem hikinks. There’s some very small bits of the original plot up through episode 5. Mostly, it’s just stupid. Episode 5… really stupid. After four episodes of BS, they’re sort of trying to rejoin the threads of the original plot. Seriously, if you don’t have any interest in the picture below the fold, episodes 1-5 aren’t for you. Although Tatenishi (not shown) is pretty cute.

Just what is this, aside from a variant ED? The girls dragged him into a “Serve Ichika” contest which turned out to be a birthday party for Ichika. Tatenishi showed up and stole Ling’s costume and place…although she complained the top was too small. Once again, Charl is made of win and awesome.

In any case, I hope the nonsense is through, and they stick to the novels after this.


Yowza. Tsundere, much, Chifuyu-nee?

Tatenishi appears. The line was translated 'Meow! Hi, there!' I agree.

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  1. topmaker says:

    They did jump past several points in the novel, but, like Freezing: Vibration they seem to double back for a few. I’m watching it, but I’m not too impressed so far.

    I suppose the dinner thing will go off as written, but they need to set up that other (in charge) character better before then.

    We should be introduced to the imouto soon, I would think.

    I don’t remember how to use spoiler tags here so I’m hinting around here.

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    Same as Steven’s place: [ spoiler ] [ /spoiler ] without the spaces.

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