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Sword Art Online

The light novel Sword Art Online will be made into an anime by A-1 Pictures. I don’t see anything about broadcast dates, but I imagine Winter or Spring is to be expected. SAO was actually a single, self-contained light novel … Continue reading

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Past the Midpoint (updated)

So, before I disappear into my RIFT-imposed exile from blogging tonight (it’s Head Start for those who pre-bought) I thought I’d post a quick update on what I’m thinking of the season. Fractale: Still the winner, but I’m annoyed with … Continue reading

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What a Season — It Was (updated)

So little time… so much change of opinion. As I said about ten days ago, there were no less than eight shows I was following from the new season, though I forgot to mention that I’m still following Index II … Continue reading

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And a Few Anime More

Ok, and now I cover the rest of the season’s early episodes, in quickie format.

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Imagine Breaker

Ok, I just finished watching the last few episodes of To Aru Majutsu no Index, and I have three observations, two of which are spoilers (one speculative) and so I’m putting them below the fold.

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Index’s Power

At Chizumatic, Steven remarks in the comments, “The potential present in the premise about Index is intriguing, but if it were fully developed she’d be too strong, too overwhelming.” Indeed. In The Dresden Files, (series) the author takes the concept … Continue reading

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