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The Bad Girls of Noble Masters

A draft from long, long ago, when I was having problems taking screenshots. Which I’ve now gone back and done, so I thought, “what the hell, why not.” So here you are. So episode 6 contained a bunch of silly … Continue reading

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Princess Lover Notes

Strictly as a matter of evaluating haremettes, Sylvie was top tier, with Charlotte failing simply on the simple-minded score…I don’t think she was really dumb, but she came across as an airhead, which I find annoying in more than small doses. Seika was the violent tsundere, which automatically DQ’d her, although in terms of business leadership, she was Teppei’s best match. As for Yuu… I just never warmed to her. Continue reading

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Crusaders (or Purveyors) of Crap

So, as readers may recall, I ordered two hentai games with my animé order last week, and it got in yesterday. I was pretty tired, but I figured, “what the hell,” and loaded up the bargain one: “Jewel Knights: Crusaders.” … Continue reading

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Did I Really Want to Know that?

Well, I dithered too long and missed Robert’s deal on Cardcaptor Sakura, so I ended up over at RightStuff (“Our motto: We ship when we want to!”), picking up theirs. Over $500 in anime for $80; well, the series would … Continue reading

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