Demon King Extra: Special #1

Well, as I said in the earlier update, it turns out there aren’t any OVA’s, they’re extras from the DVD/BD releases. Apparently they started coming out early last month, and there’s at least 3 planned. They’re about three and a half minutes long, with a minute wasted on the ED and “next extra preview.” Only two are out as of episode 8 being released, so that’s probably all. Being extras, the quality is a little low; there’s scenes where nothing’s animated but one girl’s mouth.

You know, that sounded vaguely obscene. Anyway, I shouldn’t let my eyes wander like that…

Forget plot and backstory. This isn’t anything but fanservice. It’s no Juden-chan, but NSFW below the fold! Ju haf bin varned!

And of course, if it’s fanservice, where else could it start, but in a swimming pool? (Oh, I dunno, a hot spring, maybe? Shaddup, you!)

We can definately tell: Etou shaves. Not that Junko's sporting any hair either.

/Austin Powers/ Yeah, Baby! /Austin Powers/

Swimming in those is begging for wardrobe malfunctions.

The commentors for this race are, of course, Hiroshi and Akuto. None of the other girls are present — they appear in the third installment. Anyway, the race is less swimming and more running across little floaties that can’t actually support them.

Except it's not a swimming race.

The girls end up having a few words, with Etou naturally taking Junko’s challenge as a contest to determine who Akuto’s Queen of Evil should be. So the guys start speculating about who will win, with Hiroshi saying all the things that Sai’s being too nice to say, such as ‘Junko’s got the athletic ability, but you know Etou’s going to cheat.’

Holy crap! Were those inflatable? I swear they're about 20% larger now!

What! Don’t talk so mean about me! BANG! Wah! The race started without me!

Flustered Etou is sexy Etou

You know, it’s a really good thing they skipped the cutthroat competition of the prelims, or someone would have had to literally cut throats to make it into the finals.

Really sexy

But hey, magically summoned snail demons make everything better!

Don’t they?

Um, that's not so sexy. Damn, she looks deformed.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

So tell me, why does a summoned super-water-racing snail Jello?

Damn snail demons are so unreliable. They’ll chase any fine piece of ass they see.

Not only that, pink Jello...tentacles?

Yep. You knew it was going to end up here.

Why, so we can have a Jello fight, of course!!!

Seriously, why does the animation have to go to crap here? Are those even nipples?

The less clothes, the worse the animation. It's a rule somewhere. /cry

“BRING IT BITCH!” KABOOM!! Pink mushroom cloud of doom, with people flying away continuously.


What’s so funny about this is it happened so fast, I wasn’t sure what I saw the first time it happend. Then I slowed it down and ok, yeah a panty flash. But it wasn’t until the second time it happened that I noticed Akuto’s eyes do that — except when the panty flash occurs, he’s looking all contemplative and serious as he tries to be nice and rationalize that Etou wasn’t really cheating.

Seriously, for a Demon King, he’s a little wussy, but as a general harem lead, he’s not too bad. And you can’t say that his harem’s bad. I mean, they may not be top notch (the ditz only knows two spells and is meant to destroy the world; the sempai is a little too twisted; the android is a little…small), but I wouldn’t kick any of them out of bed unless it was on fire. Which in Etou’s case, is not out of the question; she might set fire to it just for kicks.

The second special will have to wait for another day, if I feel up to it. It wasn’t quite as “good” as this one, but at least the animation didn’t turn to crap half-way through.

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