Oh yeah, I forgot the title….

You’ll understand that at the end… Heh.

So, Anime. That which must be done in deep dark secrecy, and with much hand-washing afterwards. As if! Nay, we otaku verily revel in our sin and delight! What, us, wash our hands? Ha!

Well, only after watching hentai, anyway.

So maybe the Mysterious Illness is affecting my mind. It’s not that mysterious, its just a damn annoying spring flu that won’t go away, after a month. Even that’s not so mysterious; I foolishly failed to rest appropriately; tried to go back to work twice, and even went on a pre-planned vacation to New Orleans. Boy, if there’s anything worse than being too sick and old to enjoy the French Quarter, I don’t want to know what it is. So of course I relapsed something awful.

Oh well, spending a holiday weekend home sick let me catch up on my anime. Which might explain why I almost typed ‘loliday weekend,‘ but it wasn’t that either.

So I’m still watching Unlimited Blade Works, but it’s annoyingly talky. Tied to a chair, being abused by the worse Shinji ever (yes, even worse than Evangelion’s — this one has no redeeming characteristics whatsoever), she’s still talking smack to him. Of course, she’s noticed the one thing Shinji and Kiriei haven’t — Lancer’s not quite dead yet. You ever see an anime girl that, the more you see of her, the more you wish she was your waifu? (Those of you with legal waifu stop yourselves before answering that question. It’s for the best, I assure you.) Well, that’s Rin for me. Saber can take a hike.

Hm. I seriously need to update my Dream Team. It’s been… nine years? Crap. Now I really feel old and sick.

Ok, so back to anime. Dropped Punch Line. Got tired of its not seeming to know where it was going, and now that I do (thanks to Steven), I am really not interested. I liked the zany. Noitamina strikes again.

I’ve caught up on the Grisaria series, though I skipped through the last three episodes of Fruit. I didn’t really understand what it was about until it returned to the present and we got the redhead’s full story on why she was so fixated on Yuuji. Pretty girls die — a whole basketball team’s worth — but we don’t actually discover the final fate of Yuuji’s sister until well into Eden of Grisaria. And it made me angry. VERY angry. It’s rare that a character’s fate pisses me off — I usually look past the story and go, “Well, I don’t agree with the author on that one; it was a bullshit end.” Not this time. I’m really pissed at how the story went. Understand something — despite its harem lineage and occasional hijinks, it’s a very, very convoluted and dark story, Yuuji’s most of all. You think the girls have been through hell? Walk in the park. Souske Sagara’s (FMP) life was a vacation at a three-star resort by comparison. Start with killing his own father when he was twelve or so. (The bastard deserved it). The good part was being taken as a lover by a woman twenty years his senior, and then having her die from an illness. After which he moved on to the blonde, JB. Creepy as it seems, it was a mutual healing thing; the woman, Asako, was his trainer, predecessor at the agency, and close friend to them both.

Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches is another I had to catch up on. I think it’s actually turning out better than the manga. The pacing of the anime is a lot tighter and the girls personalities stand out better. The way that the increasing number of characters interact keeps it from becoming obvious, but this is effectively a “girl of the week show.” It doesn’t feel that way though, because of the way the personalities interact, especially Shirashi’s. It’s obvious to everyone that she’s smitten with Yamada, which he is also with her, though he rarely admits it — Shirashi is patiently waiting on him, but isn’t willing to let anyone go poaching on her range in the meantime. She’s also the rock in the middle of all the craziness that is the Supernatural Studies Club, as well as its brains. As of a couple episodes back, she’s deduced that the body switching power isn’t Yamada’s, it’s hers. His power is to copy the other witches’ powers. Whichever witch he kisses overwrites the last one’s power. By this time in the series, they’ve found four of the seven, and are actively trying to find the rest — which they know there’s seven due to the shortest notebook ever.

Bell Cranel in Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon (Egads! is there a shorter name for this one?) is trying to match Ichika for dumbest guy in a harem comedy. It almost defies reason that he hasn’t twigged to the fact that Hestia really likes him in a romantic sense, but at least there’s the excuse that he’s mortal, and she’s a goddess. (Didn’t stop Keichi, though). He definitely understands the idea of dating girls, and has a crush on a much higher level female adventurer, by the name of Aiz Wallenstien. In the latest episode, he finally gets to talk to her without running away in panic, and she spends a few days teaching him to fight. That’s about all that allows him to survive a rematch with a minotuar that’s been specifically trained to fight him. Say what you will about Freya’s beauty, that’s one goddess whose affection is hazardous to her target’s health.

Enh, I think I’m forgetting something, but if so, I’ll add it later.

(Yes, that really was the final line, and I’d forgotten to add a title).

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