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Where’d It Go?

There appears to have been a failure of some sort today that claimed the last 48 hours or so of posts and comments. HM has restored part of them, but the pictures aren’t all back yet. I’m waiting to see … Continue reading

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No Animé Order In

Not for a couple of months, at least. And that’s as far as I’m discussing the campaign on this blog.

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Still Alive

Even if I’m not feeling very well. Still, while I’m waiting on the first two shows of the new year to download, I’ve managed to get my 2007 “worst” list finished. Now all I’ve got to do is get, prep, … Continue reading

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Semi-Out of Circulation

Working a lot this week, slow posting Noted a link to this over at Steven’s. I really didn’t need to see that in the same week that I discovered the Stainless Steel Brat’s plan to graduate from high school in … Continue reading

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Ratings and Such

The Astronomicon recently linked to my overlong scoring system write up from several months ago, which reminds me that I never completed it and started ranking animé. One reason is that I realized quickly that the +/- portion of the … Continue reading

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Not Exactly a Hiatus…

…but pretty darn close. First week of August was holy hell at work. Next month is going to be worse. And the situation at home is… well, it’s depressing. Not looking forward to the next few weeks. I’m expecting it … Continue reading

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Comment Policy

Recently, Steven pointed everyone over here to a discussion he and I were having. I didn’t expect an Instalanche or anything, but since he has about a bazillion more readers than I do, I figured a freewheeling debate might break … Continue reading

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