Semi-Out of Circulation

Working a lot this week, slow posting

Noted a link to this over at Steven’s. I really didn’t need to see that in the same week that I discovered the Stainless Steel Brat’s plan to graduate from high school in 3 years is going awry — because her dad’s sending her to Japan next summer.

Great, just as soon as they get these antimatter death rays working, she will be in Japan to learn how to build super battle mechas from the masters. I am so not going to sleep better knowing this…

(Semi-random note to Baseball68: I think you might be the one right about Rental Magica, not me. Can’t quite put my finger on why it bugs me, but it’s just not developing. Episode 3 made me want to wiggle my fingers and go “Oooohh, mys-teeer-ious!” what with the guy from the association showing up, and Addie just appearing. And I hate reading all the fansubbers’ notes.)

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  1. baseball68 says:

    Hey, like I said before, it still must be better than Gundam! 🙂

  2. baseball68 says:

    I read a plot summary of Shana Ep 4, and then watched the raw. Not knowing any Japanese, it’s much too early to say anything for sure, but this ep I like the least so far of this season. The good news is that I felt there was some real plot advancement, and I think they’re doing a good job with keeping us in the dark as to what Bal Masque is up to, while increasing the tension in the background. The bad news is that the angst level may be getting beyond what I like. It’ll be interesting to see the actual sub, and then next ep.

  3. Ubu Roi says:

    Yeah, from the preview, for ep. 4, I had to say, “here comes the angst!”

    While Shana’s solution to the Konoe problem was better than just waiting to see, it’s not one I’d have agreed to either. It’s also stupid. Spoiler: Since it’s already been established that Shana can “fix” reality-damaged people inside a fuzetsu by drawing on Yuuji’s power of existence, then all they need to do is pop one with Konoe inside it; Shana runs her through with the sword, and if she’s affected like a human, “repair” her before breaking the fuzetsu. Luring another Tomogara in and using it for the test made no sense, because it introduces an uncontrollable variable that may (in fact was) trying to skew the result deliberately. And if she were human, it introduced the possibility of her being killed when a better method was available.

    Of course, what’s obvious to us might not be obvious to Shana, but it should have been to Allistor.

  4. Ubu Roi says:

    And now that I’ve seen Ep.4, I hereby dub him “Yuuiji the Impenetrable.” That is a density surpassing neutronium. I’m sorry, I take back EVERYTHING I ever said about Yuuiji waiting on Shana to come to her senses, or being too weak to say no to a girl. For him to be this emotionally blind, he’d either have to be the most clueless Vulcan that ever existed, or Shana would have to mean little more to him than a sack of oats.

    Edit: and that’s not a fair comparison to Vulcans. They have emotions, they just suppress them — ultra-stoicists. Yuuiji’s just a freaking idiot. How can he have no clue what’s making Shana angry? Yoshida’s too nice to jerk him up short, Wilhelmina doesn’t want to, Margery doesn’t care, and Chigusa doesn’t know enough of what’s going on (but could get the picture soon, knowing her). So it’s pretty much up to Shana to beat some sense into him, and she’s too messed up to know how.

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