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Now Try This

You’ve probably seen posts over at Steven’s or here talking about an all-book, no-ability build. But what about a minimum-book build, with lots of retorts? Since the number and level of spells you can get is determined by your books, … Continue reading

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The answer to the obvious question is “Four Great Wyrms, and five Giant Spiders.” On a one square island I hand to Wind Walk to, meaning it was so late in the game it made no difference. The spell was … Continue reading

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Well That Just Sucks

I really, really, really wish I’d read the system requirements for Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter, you know, before I spent $40 on it. Required: Windows Vista 32 bit. Yeah, yeah, don’t give me crap about XP … Continue reading

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Fate Stay/Night, one more time

It’s been a hot, boring summer. I quit playing Rift; just lost interest in it. Got back into Magic: the Money Gathering Pit again. (Well, WOTC gathers it, anyway), but I play no better than I ever did; still just … Continue reading

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When Good Games Go Bad

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Lo Pan, I Like You Even Less

Ouch. I’m playing a custom Freya on hard Dark Elves, Myrran and all Green; picked up one green, one red, and two white books. Worse, Lo Pan’s got Great Wasting and Armageddon running, and has taken out one of the … Continue reading

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Kali, I really don’t like you much…

When you absolutely, positively, want someone splatted.

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