MOM: Quick Update

The game is going well. I got two cities producing paladins and one good high-level spell: Call the Void. i.e.: 20-megaton nuke. I only used it once, but to devastating effect; that pretty much put paid to the eastern front, while I attacked north with a stack of paladins and took out several big cities. Then I switched gears and headed east,until I found Ssra’s new capital and put him out of my misery. Now I can finally rebuild my capital, which had suffered greatly from a Chaos Rift for 50 turns or so. I haven’t taken anything away from anyone else, but I’ve stopped a couple of lackluster attempts by Freya and Horus to take my cities. I think the Charismatic may be helping; they’re staying “Restless” or thereabouts instead of at “Hate”, so maybe that’s why they’re not attacking me much, even though they’re not at war with each other.

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