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And a Big Middle Finger in Your Eye, Too!

In which I speculate wildly and rant without a fully justified reason. Yet. Steven talks about one of the cuter and more enjoyable lightweight series that aired recently, Dog Days. Although his main subject is the official, and often inconsistent, … Continue reading

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Sword Art Online

The light novel Sword Art Online will be made into an anime by A-1 Pictures. I don’t see anything about broadcast dates, but I imagine Winter or Spring is to be expected. SAO was actually a single, self-contained light novel … Continue reading

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Oh, Pete….

Since Steven closed that thread, let me set the record straight here. You misunderstand. Why the hell would I move files from my laptop directly to the SERVER? Ok, let me break it down for you. Win XP desktop. NT … Continue reading

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Sword Art Online

Holy vorpal blades, Batman! There’s a Sword Art Online manga adaptation now! Can an anime be far behind?

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Strike Witches novels

Steven’s been writing about the Strike Witches second season, which he’s enjoying a lot. As usual, a brief comment got out of hand, so here it is, rather than take up his space… Curiously, there are also a series of … Continue reading

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FMP: Nick of Time Excerpt

Below the fold is a key passage where Leonard explains the oddity that is Kaname, and may inadverdantly drop a clue about Souské as well. Huge spoilers!!! Also, very Engrishy. It’s quite a long segment, with a lot of talking. … Continue reading

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