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It’s a Slaughter!

Catgirls are dying by the dozen over at Chizumatic. Now if only I could score some of those bailout funds to start a preserve of my very, very own. I’m sure they’d all be very grateful for the safe haven.

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But I Actually Liked Sekirei!

Really. I just don’t mistake it for quality entertainment, that’s all. Still, it had more plot than any other harem series lately, even if it couldn’t complete it yet (for fear of overunning the manga).

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There Are Worse Things… (Updated)

…in this world, than being forced to take a picture with Yoko and, um, who is the other girl supposed to be? Oh well. Much worse things, indeed. Still, the one on the right is definitely not qualified to be … Continue reading

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Claws that Catch

One of the things about John Ringo as an author, is that he knows how to pander. Take the Ghost series; as he calls it, “James Bond with the good bits left in.” That’s not true; Mike Harmon would cap … Continue reading

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Not Quite April Fool’s; Order In.

I’d been sitting on an order for a while, given that my last waste of money went so well for me. I decided enough time had passed, and reading about the silliness of Ranma 1/2 over at Steven’s place persuaded … Continue reading

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Testing the Waters

It has been said that one of the reasons that fansubbing has become as “bad” as it has, is that there’s too much demand to wait a year for the R1 license to be announced, and another six-eight months (if … Continue reading

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Leave Bad Enough Alone

Oh, great. My local newspaper has finally realized that George Lucas is working on milking the rubes for another Star Wars TV series. LOS ANGELES — The Force may soon be coming to a television near you. George Lucas is … Continue reading

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