Not Quite April Fool’s; Order In.

I’d been sitting on an order for a while, given that my last waste of money went so well for me. I decided enough time had passed, and reading about the silliness of Ranma 1/2 over at Steven’s place persuaded me to try another classic 80’s/90’s series. A while back, I ordered Urasei Yatsura, and that didn’t go so well for me either (though it involved less money wasted), mostly for the very same reason Steven complained; the protagonist is a not a sympathetic character — he’s someone to laugh at or make fun of. Doesn’t work for me–I finished the first episode, put it away, and never went back.

Ranma looks like it will be bit more entertaining. So, my order this time is:

Ranma season 1 thinpack
Kanon DVD 1
Kanon DVD 2 w/box
Witchblade DVD 4
Witchblade DVD 5
The Third DVD 4
The Third DVD 5

The Third and Kanon are obligation buys of two series I enjoyed, even with their flaws. While I’ve enjoyed some of Witchblade, I’d basically label it as a notch or two above Godannar, and leave it at that. At least it takes itself seriously, and it’s better put together. And it doesn’t have mechas. Well, sort of…there’s those X-cons, which violate every sub-clause of the laws of the conservation of matter and energy.

I need to finish these obligation buys, because Code Geass is coming… in fact S2 should open this coming Sunday. The only thing that could be better would be a surprise season 2 of Haruhi. Not expecting that, though.

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  1. I bought the first three DVDs of Urusei Yatsura, and watched about half the first one. I haven’t had any urge to go back to it. It’s not just that Ataru is a creep. The bratty little kid is thoroughly annoying, and in fact that isn’t a sympathetic character to be found. Not even Lum, in fact; she’s too much of an icon to be accessible. Anyway, she’s nuts, too.

    Ranma 1/2 is different. This was done later, and Takahashi had grown in her skills. The art style is still pretty similar, although she’s gotten better at drawing guys. What’s really obviously different is that she spent more time on her character concepts, trying to make them accessible. The dynamic between Akane and Ranma is really interesting.

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