I need to pull some of my thoughts and comments on various other blogs about Ranma all together into a coherent post.

Too bad it isn’t going to happen. I’m too tired.

From Jason’s:

I watched Otome wa Boku, and was not broken.
I could not watch Miname-ke, and was not broken.
I didn’t bother watching Okawari and was not broken.
I thought the trap in Moyamishon was really ugly, and was not broken.
I quit watching H20 before the trap was revealed, and was not broken.

Tonight, I loaded up an old classic for the first time: Ranma 1/2.

NOW I’m broken, dammit! (But does it count if he really turns into a girl?)

Ranma-chan makes a cute, sassy girl. Too bad, she’s as tsundere as Akane.

From Chizumatic:

Well I’ve gotten through the first disk myself. The humor quotient is ok, though the series is quite uneven. Every time it starts to spin up into insanity, it bogs down in angst. It’s good, a hell of a lot better than anything I watched this season, but not as great as its reputation.

At least not yet. And I only ordered the first series. I’m wondering how my opinion will develop due to watching it in order?

That assumes, of course, that I order the second series, which is probable at this point. If it ups the zany factor, I’ll probably place this show as one of my favorites — at least for a season or two. The problem is, from what Steven’s said, the plot goes nowhere, and the Akane-Ranma romance doesn’t advance, which I consider a huge failing. It killed all the enjoyment of AMG for me, and was a significant negative in Inuyasha! Of course, the other problem with Inuyasha was that the plot didn’t really advance that much after the first 20 episodes either. The story advanced, but the plot didn’t; they just couldn’t complete their task or the story would be over. Something had to interfere to prevent the re-assembly of the shards.

From Chizumatic again, a little later:

Ok, having watched through the hair match and into the next one, I have to say that I disagree. It’s a matter of taste. The wrestling match was dumb and contrived, but it was still good fun. However, I am finding the whole “waifu of Dr.Tofu” to be dreadfully familiar from bad American TV sitcoms, and I’m only to candidate #3. I hope it stops there. It probably will, because they’re not going to make the girl he actually wants one of the candidates.

But while the candidates will stop there, the torture will go on a few more episodes, I’m sure. Blech.

Much to my surprise, I was wrong. They ended it that episode, and Shampoo is about to be intro’d. I think this must be the point where the production team realized there was a serious problem. Thank god. I was NOT looking forward to 2 or three episodes of non-romantic misunderstandings.

One more disk to go, and it’s got a new cute girl. What could possibly go wrong?

(he runs for cover….)

UPDATE: I knew I should n’t have said that. Most. Unsatisfying. Season. End. Ever.

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2 Responses to Ranma

  1. From what I’ve been told, the intro of Shampoo is indeed the point where they started trying to repair the manga storyline in the anime. In the manga, the next thing was the ice skating martial arts story, which is the first thing in the second season. Shampoo appeared after that.

    The fact that the season ended after only 18 eps, after which the director and the writers were all sacked, suggests that they probably didn’t get to finish what they’d started, which may be why the ending is unsatisfactory. (I don’t know; I haven’t gotten that far yet.)

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    Tofu’s mom was a waste of an episode, but not as bad as I thought it would be. The Shampoo storyline wasn’t bad, and it provided a great opportunity to show Ranma and Akane getting closer. In fact, there was a squandered opportunity here to really advance it — or at least up the humor/irony quotient if they weren’t going to advance it. I’m going to stick this in a spoiler for the rare fan that hasn’t seen it yet (like me, until now)….

    Shampoo causes Akane to lose all memory of Ranma. She doesn’t remember a thing about him, which causes Ranma to be really upset with Shampoo. He goes to great lengths to try and restore Akane’s memory (over Ryoga’s constant sabotage attempts) — at first, Akane is really weirded out by this complete stranger “stalking” her, but after talking to her sisters and realizing what happened, she starts to get intrigued by him. It’s obvious that he cares, and he is trying to help. Seeing his better side at the start was like a reset in the relationship. I thought it would be funny to have her start falling for him, then get her memory back and have to reconcile two vastly different impressions of him.

    Alas, no. That would have caused the relationship to advance too much.

    Instead, Akane gets her memory back through Ranma’s insulting her, and his father playing back a recording of it non-stop, until she snaps. Of course, at that point she hates him again — even if she’s still insanely jealous of Shampoo.

    I’m really annoyed by that squandering.

    But the last episode strongly suggests that the sacking occurred in the middle of the week. “You’re all fired. By the way, we need an episode for this week. Finish it before you leave today.”

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