There Are Worse Things… (Updated)

…in this world, than being forced to take a picture with Yoko and, um, who is the other girl supposed to be? Oh well. Much worse things, indeed.

Still, the one on the right is definitely not qualified to be Yoko. But, is it a sign that I’ve watched too many fanservice shows, that I am amused by how “Yoko” is using her hair to conceal the fact that she really isn’t either?


And in other news, the first of the former ADV titles is coming from Funimation:

Devil May Cry, Kanon scheduled along with more Geneon titles via Funimation

And Ranma 1/2 returns….

The “It’s a Rumic World” exhibition of manga creator Rumiko Takahashi’s original artwork opened in Tokyo’s upper-class Ginza shopping district on Wednesday with both the previously announced special 30-minute Inuyasha anime short and a new Ranma ½ anime short. The Ranma ½ short adapts the Akumu! Shunminkō (Nightmare! The Incense of Spring Sleep) story from the manga. This is the first Ranma ½ animation produced in 12 years.

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