Villianous City of Heroic Champions Online

A post in which we pretty much forget to review any of the games or compare them to each other, but instead waste time posting pictures of our anime-themed characters. What can I say? It seemed like the thing to do.

This is what happens when I try to create a copy of Koyomi, from Yokuwakaru Gendimahou. In my first attempt (unmentionable), I couldn’t find the dress options, nor half of the chest options. I think the the costume interface logic was created by a German munchkin.

I really liked City of Heroes/Villains much better — although, it isn’t quite as flexible, it has many more options (having had several years to perfect them.

Ito Nobunaga is an anime otaku planning on world domination. He’s the last descendant of the famous Japanese samurai — or so he believes. However, one should never ask him either of the following questions:
1. How do you know you’re the last descendant?
2. Wait, don’t Japanese family names come first?
It’s possible that he’s not wrapped as tightly as the hilt of his genuine historic imitation samurai sword (bought at a renaissance festival).

And this, by God, is why City of Heroes kicks Champions’ ass: You can do an honest to goodness Japanese seifuku! Well, except for the socks, or the Absolute Distance. But it’s really damn close, isn’t it? With cat ears!

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  1. jgreely says:

    City of Heroes does in fact have loose socks for completing your school uniform. I forget what they were called.


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