Quitting While Ahead?

Looks like Crunchyroll picked up half the new season. That’s good, in that I can watch whatever and don’t have any obligation buys since it’s licensed and what not, but it’s bad because I don’t have a copy to keep. Worse, I’m at the mercy of my net connection which seems… squirrely, once again. Lots of lag. Last Saturday, I was finally forced off Champions Online due to losing connectivity.

Ok, on with the show(s):

Sora no Otoshimono (Heaven’s Lost Property): I’m trying really hard to find something to say about this show. Um. Nice chest. OP/ED, yawn. Note to self. If a super-powerful wish-granting reality-altering “Angelroid” drops from the sky, I will be very careful in what I wish for. I will also NOT run back into an avalanche of greecian columns falling from the sky to rescue her. If she wants to lie there without an umbrella while it rains architecture, that’s her lookout.

Book of Bantorra: Scary director is scary. I just don’t connect with any of the characters, and the whole book thing is too weird. Art is decent, animation of the fight scenes was ok. I was thinking it would be some kind of future tech show, but it’s alternate world/magic. Bloody and dark.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 2 – Purezza – Watch this? Not so much. But I have to give points to the ep. title: “I want to come with you.” Suggestive, much?

Natsu no Arashi: Damnifno why folks pan this series. I love it. Hajime is every teenager with foolish ideas of manhood, unleashed. The ghosts are cute and the writing’s sharp. I’ve been thinking since the first season that Jun and Hajime are doomed to a lifetime together. OP & ED aren’t up to the first season’s standards, but they’re ok; the ED is much slower; other than that, it was unnoticeable. Assuming that was it over the closing credits; but since the show kept running, I’m not sure it wasn’t just BGM.

Still looking for Inny.

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