Hekiyou Academy’s Student Council Activities, ep.2

No, it’s not a review, and I’m too lazy to add screenshots tonight. I just wanted to make a quick post that it’s strange how this show has been the winner so far, when I ridiculed and ruled it out to start.

I still have doubts that the concept can carry an entire season, but from what I read, they’re skipping the early “no plot” novels and quickly jumping into the later ones, which were more eventful. And in the meantime, they’re still playing against expectations. So far, Ken is, if not a manly man, at least not totally crap and an embarrassment to the human race as a leading man. (Heaven’s Lost Property, I’m lookin’ at you.) He’s focused on “winning the game” yet nice to the girls, a hard worker even if he has to sneak around to do it, and surprisingly perceptive for someone whose reality seems filtered through ero-games.

Still, it’s an indication of how weak this season is, if this is the best we have for autumn.

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