Run away! It’s suckage…

Steven tried Suomomo Momomomomoommmo whatever… He had me scared for a bit when he said it made him laugh a couple of times, and what with all the screenshots, I thought he actually liked it.

It’s in my “gave up after 1-3 episodes” list. Three years ago, the sum total I had to say about it was:

I found the premise of this show repulsive, the male lead an uninteresting jerk, and the female lead unattractive, not to mention a flatchested loli. Unattractive = bad. Flatchested = bad. Loli = illegal. Flatchested, unattractive loli should = illegal. (At least Louise was cute.)

I just couldn’t deal with a female lead whose motivation was “I’m a failure at being the ultimate warrior so I have do what daddy says and start popping out babies.” And she was enthusiastic about it. Oh, and I’d rather have someone shred my ears with a cheese grater than listen to an entire series of that seiyuu.

I mean, when it comes to my Worst of 2006, this studio can legitimately claim to have been gypped. It so deserved a spot in the bottom ten… At least in the Honorable Mentions.

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