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And whining too!

Merry Xmas to You Too

Well, since it’s not unusual for me to not post around here for four to five days at a time (or longer) I doubt anyone’s been worried about my absence, especially with the holiday season. And there’s no reason for … Continue reading

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And a Big Middle Finger in Your Eye, Too!

In which I speculate wildly and rant without a fully justified reason. Yet. Steven talks about one of the cuter and more enjoyable lightweight series that aired recently, Dog Days. Although his main subject is the official, and often inconsistent, … Continue reading

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Well That Just Sucks

I really, really, really wish I’d read the system requirements for Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter, you know, before I spent $40 on it. Required: Windows Vista 32 bit. Yeah, yeah, don’t give me crap about XP … Continue reading

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Ubu Roi’s Worst of 2010

Well, it’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaack this year! (And, as it happens, delayed by over an ‘endless eight’ months! But that’s ok, I promise not to post it over and over and over!) After skipping 2009 because I wasn’t feeling the snark (and … Continue reading

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Overdue Order

It’s been several months since I’ve patronized RACS, but I finally got on the stick and put an order in: Kanokon – DVD 1. Obligation buy. All that’s left out there, because I waited so long. Gurren Lagenn – boxed … Continue reading

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Embrace the Stream

Because download-to-own is dead at Crunchyroll: As Crunchyroll continues to evolve, we add new features and remove ones that don’t perform well. Recently we’ve made a decision to discontinue our Download-to-Own service, which lets users purchase DRM-free, downloadable videos of … Continue reading

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Get with it already….

Ok, the raws are beginning to hit the webs. For all that I ranted at it, the girls in Kampfer are cute. But still…. Hopefully, there will be some subbed anime to watch this weekend. I can’t even find anything … Continue reading

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