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It’s Really Too Bad…

That I couldn’t stand Ikkitousen. I mean, damn, the girls are gorgeous. It would be the harem to die for, if it had been that kind of show. No mere thumbnail will do justice for this wallpaper, so it will … Continue reading

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Doing a Few Reps (repetitions, that is)

Well, if you don’t want to do six episodes of watching five people doing the same things over and over again, you can always spend 23 minutes watching Hinako work up a sweat on these puppies, doing a variety of … Continue reading

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So Steven’s been discovering the fun of torrenting lately, and one of the series he’s been checking out is a fanservice series from a couple of years ago called Goyshuso-sama, Ninominya-kun. This is translated by the fansubbers within the series … Continue reading

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Maria + Holic: The OP

Well, I finally got a search string to cough up Hanaji, the OP to Maria + Holic. I also note that Jason LOVED this show, blessing it with a post of epic length. And yes, Jason’s changed site names again. … Continue reading

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That’s a Good Thing, Right?

Wired magazine says “Today’s Playmates Are More Like Anime Figures Than Real Humans” I dunno, you decide… NSFW below the fold!

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Eh, Oops

If you got an article in your RSS feed and thought “what’s this on Meganekko?” well, obviously I got a little confused and logged into the wrong blog. I had a Dita moment. In commemoration, here’s some cheesecake of a … Continue reading

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Worst Honorable Mentions, 2008

Ok, to keep everyone entertained while I’m out of town, here’s the honorable mentions. To distract you from the total lack of humor inherent in this post, I have provided several NSFW posts of Minato Nagase from Akane-iro, below the … Continue reading

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