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Outsider’s Back

Sort of. After two years without an update, there’s been a pair of pages uploaded in the last four months.

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MT Bad News, Good News, sorta…and a Gift from Mahou Meido Meganekko!

About a month ago, I started getting really peeved at Megatokyo’s schedule. It’s been my favorite for a while, having passed Sluggy Freelance a few years back. The story’s in a critical moment right now; low on action compared to … Continue reading

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Classic Lines

This one belongs in an anime somewhere. Or at least a webcomic. “Have I mentioned I’m part space alien?”

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Maria + Holic: The OP

Well, I finally got a search string to cough up Hanaji, the OP to Maria + Holic. I also note that Jason LOVED this show, blessing it with a post of epic length. And yes, Jason’s changed site names again. … Continue reading

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There Are Worse Things… (Updated)

…in this world, than being forced to take a picture with Yoko and, um, who is the other girl supposed to be? Oh well. Much worse things, indeed. Still, the one on the right is definitely not qualified to be … Continue reading

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Another Take on Rosario + Panchira

So I checked out today’s Megatokyo strip, only to notice that Dom had posted a brand new rant…about R+V! You may ask why I consider Rosario + Vampire to be the dumbest on a list of very dumb shows I’ve … Continue reading

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Nobody Likes Uwe Boll

Not even Pete Abrams. If you don’t know who Mr. Boll is, try here. Nominated twice by the Razzies(tm) for “Worst Director.”

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