MT Bad News, Good News, sorta…and a Gift from Mahou Meido Meganekko!

About a month ago, I started getting really peeved at Megatokyo’s schedule. It’s been my favorite for a while, having passed Sluggy Freelance a few years back. The story’s in a critical moment right now; low on action compared to the last chapter but key people are finally having the conversations they have needed to have for so long. And it was dragging; it seemed like Fred just couldn’t keep to even two comics a week; in fact, he was having issues with managing even one. I didn’t want to post a bitch about it in his forums, because, I’m essentially a freeloader, just reading the site. But seriously, how can you tell a story if you only put out 3-4 comic pages a month? I mean, he posted the last comic (incomplete) on the 24th, and he’s just today starting to sketch out the frames for the next one? I remember Avatar and Steven bitching that 12-14 pages a month was too slow, but four? It’s been like this for months.

Well, I finally happened to look below the comic tonight and notice the rant he posted back on the 19th, in which he finally confesses the reason for the crappy schedule.

His wife, Sarah, was just diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Um. Yeah, the “non” part is the good news, but it’s only good by comparison to the alternative. And boy, am I happy I kept my pie hole shut. Let that be a lesson to any youngsters who want to shoot their mouths off — sometimes you just don’t have all the information.

Fred suggests that if you want to help out, hitting up his store for a Christmas present would be a great way to do that. Hmmm. That new Kimiko poster is looking really good about now, but I really don’t want this room to start looking too otaku-ish, and I don’t have any friends that want that kind of stuff.

Ok, so here’s the deal. First person to post a reply claiming it gets a Special: your very own gift of the poster I linked above. Don’t put your address in the post, but make sure the email in your profile is good. I’ll contact you for your address and we’ll “seal the deal.” Which basically means I order and pay for it, and put your address in for shipping. Fred gets a little support, I do a good deed, and you get a poster — win-win-win!

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