Maria + Holic: The OP

Well, I finally got a search string to cough up Hanaji, the OP to Maria + Holic. I also note that Jason LOVED this show, blessing it with a post of epic length.

And yes, Jason’s changed site names again. Good grief. He’s so gender confused, he has to redecorate the whole place every few months, like a woman. I hated that about my mother. No control over my own room. Me, freshly home from school: “MOMMMMMMMM! Why is the bed over there now?”

Like I should complain, now that I realized he’s made me want to go back and watch it, as much as I couldn’t stand it before. Y’ see, two of my favorite (but irregular) webcomics went on hiatus at the same time due to artist health problems — The Wotch and El Goonish Shive. What do they have in common? Massive transgendering. I think I may have a problem…

What? Oh, the YouTube video. Sorry, turned out its just another recording of the song over still pics, or various people doing their own dubs. The idiots at the studio made YouTube take down the OP video. Sucks; it may have been NSFW (er, was, not may), but it was still fun to watch. In a disturbing sort of way… Anyway, Jason’s got stills from it, and in his own words: “No way there’s a penis on this. No way. None. I won’t believe it.” And in fact, we learn that sometimes, there isn’t — if the mole is under the right eye… In episode 6, viewers find out that the guy actually has a twin sister who crossdresses as a guy — and sometimes they trade places. Damn, but this show is messed up.

Edit: I take it back. THIS is messed up. Remember, it’s her… uh, him.

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