Another Take on Rosario + Panchira

So I checked out today’s Megatokyo strip, only to notice that Dom had posted a brand new rant…about R+V!

You may ask why I consider Rosario + Vampire to be the dumbest on a list of very dumb shows I’ve watched in the past. You may also ask what that blatant image is doing at the top of my rant. The second question answers the first. The level of fan service is so high, and such a focal point of the show, that I firmly believe that my He-Man rule applies to it: “If society has to choose between being remembered solely by He-Man (or, in this case, R+V) and being condemned to permanent and irrevocable destruction, society will choose destruction.”

I mean, the default camera angle involves knee level – you don’t count panty shots when we’re watching this show, you count each scene where the girl’s skirt miraculously manages to cover her frilly underthings. According to the official staff blog, each writer’s meeting for the show involves serious discussions of character panties.

If you want meaning, plot, or anything of substance, you’re not going to find it here. As I mentioned before, I am convinced that watching this show has a negative impact on my intellect – each time I watch it, its inanity causes parts of my brain to set themselves on fire in protest. Hell, each time a new episode airs, I let my friends know with conversations similar to this exchange with Hodgepodge:

Dom: Let’s get stupid TOGETHER
Hodgepodge: OU!
Friend: What are you guys watching?
Hodgepodge: Rosario + Vampire
Dom: Or, what I like to call The Dumbening.
Hodgepodge: Indeed, pantsu-fest.

Why do I watch a show this dumb, you ask? Why do I submit myself to a show I heap such abuse on? Why do I have to turn my English Literature degree face-down every time I fire it up, as if it’s a picture of my wife and I’m cheating on it?

Because I like the ending song.

I wish I was kidding about this.

I like the visuals myself…. as I said before, nekkid alt-Moka ftw.

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