Worst Honorable Mentions, 2008

Ok, to keep everyone entertained while I’m out of town, here’s the honorable mentions. To distract you from the total lack of humor inherent in this post, I have provided several NSFW posts of Minato Nagase from Akane-iro, below the fold. Given that she’s terribly sweet, and can sub for a gourmet chef in a pinch, I think it’s understandable that Juunichi developed a sis-con.

10, Worst Loli: V.V. from Code Geass, whose appearance was so childlike and effeminate, I thought he was a loli.

9. Worst Computer Technician: Me

8. Worst Goddess: Standards must be slipping. Kannagi is flat-chested selfish, bitchy, self-centered, jealous… She almost becomes sympathetic at the end, but the writers had to revert to form with a combination of accidental grope, accidental viewing, and accidental pervert all at one time.

7. Worst Harem Lead: Tie: Kouta from Sauce and Wolfie, um, I mean Kanokon, with Saito from Zero no Tskuhime . One is a milquetoast 8 year old (well, he looks like it) and the other has bad taste in women. I’d have given it to, Kouta, but he was mostly skating by on physical appearance only, whereas Saito actively worked for the title.

6. Worst Houseguest: Some guy named Ike. A real blowhard.

5. Worst Trend: Leaving lots of hints and dangling plotlines in the hope of sparking support for a second season: Akane-iro, Strike Witches, Macademi Wasshoi, Kannagi, etc.

4. Worst Anatomy: Spice + Wolf. No. Wolf. Nipples.

3. Worst Choice of Sequel: Kyoani, for subjecting us to a second season of Clannad instead of the never to be made second season of Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

2. Worst Animated Fight: Chizuru vs. Nozomu, Kanokon. Guys! This was not the time for panning over stills!!! NSFW

1. Worst Lame Cop-out: Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka, in which the male lead picks his little sister as the winning haremette (with her enthusiastic agreement) — and then the show drops hints that she’s not really his sister. Even if she is, can you blame him?

(Mildly NSFW below the fold.)

Hmmm. This bears a closer look.

But I have to! A much closer look.

And again…

Ta-da indeed.

Less mildly NSFW behind the tag:

I think it’s understandable that Juunichi’s response to, “Want me to scrub your back onii-chan?” could be summarized in the helpfully supplied sound effect: “TWAANGGGGGG!!”

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