Stupid Meme Night

Because it’s all Don’s fault. It wouldn’t be a meme if he’d just ignored it, but no, he had to do one as well, and there you go, I saw it and had nothing better to do…. The beginning to the first post from each month of 2008:

January: Still Alive…Even if I’m not feeling very well. Still, while I’m waiting on the first two shows of the new year to download, I’ve managed to get my 2007 “worst” list finished. Now all I’ve got to do is get, prep, and upload the screenshots for it. Even managed to get a good start on the “honorable mentions list.” I’d like to get a little further into it though, in case I forget something that really should have been on the first list, like last year. (Wrong post. Sigh.) But no rest for the weary. Lots of housecleaning to do, and I need to help someone with their computer, and my brother with some business, and catch up on fansubs, and write my “Worst of 2007″ post, and run some errands, and…

February: So I followed a link to Slashdot to read about the second (or third?) broken cable affecting the middle east. More stupid speculation and accusations of “American spy efforts suck!” than you could shake a cat 6 cable at. But there was at least this one gem among the tinfoil hat ravings:

March: I’d been sitting on an order for a while, given that my last waste of money went so well for me. I decided enough time had passed, and reading about the silliness of Ranma 1/2 over at Steven’s place persuaded me to try another classic 80’s/90’s series. (Wrong post. This is the correct one.) Got caught up tonight. I have to say, that while I will not forgive this series for wasting a dozen episodes on high-school hijinks and angst, nor will I give it a good score for the same reason; it has finally gotten off its ass and started kicking some instead. Yuuiji mans up, gets his act together, and lays down some serious smack on a small Tomogara. There’s nothing left of it when he’s done. When the calvary comes flying in, it’s more a matter of him saving them, as he’s figured out the enemy plan. With his information, they put paid to second tomogara. And then the wheels come off, because there is a third. And this one seems to be damn near unkillable.

April: Well, the new season has delivered us a bunch of new shows, most of which I admit I haven’t bothered to watch. I have made it a point to catch all three of the fanservice shows thus far, so at least I can talk about those. I also watched what I thought was going to be the most intriguing: Daughter of Twenty Faces. (edit: that was the wrong post, too — the monthly lists aren’t working right.) I’ve been thinking about the situation implied by this episode, but it’s got to go behind the spoiler tag…

May: Warning: If you never played Star Wars Galaxies, this is going to be a long, boring post. Long-time readers of both my blogs will remember that I have a bit of a grudge against Sony Online Entertainment. I ranted about what they were doing to screw up with the Vision(tm) of Everquest for a long time; then I jumped ship to Star Wars, only to find out what true evil was.

June: In episode 8 of Kurenai, Murasaki channels Chizuru (last picture). Ah well, it definately explains Chizuru’s continued sucide attempts. Thought I was watching Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei for a few minutes there.

July: Just…wow. Now that was a kick in the teeth. We are definitely seeing the theme of CG at its best; it’s lonely at the top… I don’t know what the writers have been drinking lately, but I’d like some.

August: Not. A. Trap.

September: I’m going to be rather busy for a bit. My hurricane thoughts and such will appear at Houblog.

October: Less Taiga Aisaka, more Ryuuji’s MILF, please.

November: Good news is, my order got in and I’m watching Saber Marionette J. Bad news is, I just don’t have time for blogging about animé any more.

December: Ok, over the weekend, Dr. Heinous was in town, and he loaned me his copy of Tenchi Muyo GXP, which I quite enjoyed. He and I are now discussing which is our favorite, Ryoko or Amane. ( Poor Kiriko…. too ordinary. )

Hmmm. Not too bad. It actually got kind of interesting around June. Maybe I’ll do a “last post of the month” meme next.

Edit: for some reason, the “monthly archive” was chopping the first few days out of some months. When I went back to add the links, I found and corrected them. Mostly, I think…

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