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I’ve been thinking about the situation implied by this episode, but it’s got to go behind the spoiler tag…

What I can piece together so far is that Suzuku pulled the trigger, but the shot didn’t kill Lelouche. It did result in his capture though. CC got away, and managed to take a few remaining members of the Black Knights deep underground, probably with Gerhard’s & Kallen’s help. But the emperor knows that as long as CC is on the loose, there is still a danger, and he wants her back under control. So they implanted fake memories in Lelouche, returned him to school, and placed Villetta there to watch him. Rollo is probably an agent (I keep thinking I know him from earlier in the series though) also watching him. As the guy said, bait. Sure enough CC shows up to rescue Lelouche — and succeeds, despite it all.

However, what this scenario means is, the emperor is still choosing to overlook Millie and her family’s involvement with Lelouche. It’s probably politics. However, the gig is obviously up for Lelouche. I don’t see any way he can continue the double life. All along, the Emperor has known what he was up to and where he was (not surprising, really). Lelouche didn’t know that, but know there’s no way he can not know it now. So I’m going to be pretty damned peeved if we go right back to the same formula with him spending time in high school in his public identity. Unfortunately, I think that is exactly where they are headed. We’ll see.

Update: Daniel notices something. And as for the open question he poses, the Martian Successors have her!

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