Code Geass R2, ep. 13

Just…wow. Now that was a kick in the teeth. We are definitely seeing the theme of CG at its best; it’s lonely at the top… I don’t know what the writers have been drinking lately, but I’d like some. The story has really been kicked up several notches in both absurdity and drama; and they’re weaving in and out of so many soap opera moments at the same time.

And for those of you who don’t have your secret decoder ring… Cornelia kills V.V. on sight, then remarks:
Cornelia: “You never know what kind of Geass they may have.”
V.V.: “You’re right about that, niece.”
Cornelia: “Ehhhhhhh?”

Shirley first wants to tell Suzaku about Lelouche’s secret identity, but gets spooked when Lulu coincidentally shows up. Thinking they might actually be working together, she freaks out and tries to jump off a building (stuuuuuuupid) but is saved by the guys working together. Meanwhile, Jeremiah shows up, kicks Sayako and Rolo’s butts; Villetta starts playing both sides; after warning Lulu she sends Rolo to him. Meanwhile, Lulu, forewarned, splits off and leaves Shirley with Suzaku; Shirley tells him that she’s forgiven Lulu — without specifying for what. Lelouche and Jeremiah start to duke it out; Lulu traps Jeremiah, who asks Lulu why he’s rebelling against his Emperor.

Lulu: “Well, because I’m Lelouche vi Brittannia and father didn’t do jack for my sister and –”
Jeremiah: “–the Queen Marrianne? OMG, you’re that Lelouche? By the way did I ever mention I was utterly loyal to the queen and joined the Purity faction because she was assassinated …. sire?”
Lulu: “Really? Ok, join me!”
Jeremiah: “Deal!”

And just as I finished my eye-roll over that, Shirley runs across Rolo, and determines after some oblique questioning that he’s loyal to Lelouche, so she proclaims her desire to help Lulu. Oh, and get them both back together with Nunnaly…

Oops. Not a good thing to say to a homicidal assassin who’s neurotic about his relationship with his “brother.”

All the Geass in the world can’t stop a bleeding stomach wound; before she dies, Shirley reveals that she had her memories back again, and just kept falling for Lulu, no matter how many times they were erased… Cue the tragic tearjerker death and howl of rage.

This show is such melodramatic schlock. But it’s good melodramatic schlock!

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