October’s Order In

Well, it was getting to be time.

Ordered Kanon, v. 6 to finish that series off.
Ordered Magical Witch Punie-chan. Because I’m evil and I like the series.
Ordered Saber Marionette J. It’s been hanging around the edge of my consciousness as a harem series I might actually like, and it seems to have a good reputation as a second-tier classic. Not a “great” series, but one good enough to stick around.
Ordered Battle Angel. This one was really, really iffy to me. See, I’ve got great memories of seeing it at a Nan-con in Houston years and years ago, when it was first imported. And I thought it was totally awesome, especially how the last fight was resolved, and the bittersweet ending. The problem is…

Every time I’ve ordered something I remember from back then, I’ve been horribly disappointed. I remembered Devil Hunter Yoko as being funny and cute; instead it was this ecchi-fest of dumb jokes and bad tropes. The Dirty Pair OVA’s had me climbing the walls. These dumb 19 year-bimbos are the top agents of the 3WA? Good lord, what are their bottom agents like? Wait, given the way they dress, that phrasing conjures up bad thoughts…. Ghost in the Shell movie? Damn, it’s slow and boring. Urasei Yatsuri? (whatever….) I couldn’t make it through the first DVD. Barely through one episode.

So here I am, risking perhaps the last of my treasured memories of anime from the 1990’s… (well, other than Lupin III, and I’m not sure those count). Maybe if I set the bar low, it will help…

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