The Drawbacks of Being Popular

I’ll take obscurity over being drawn as a loli catgirl, thankyouverymuch!

…says the guy who just started a City of Villains character named “Nekomune” in a guild called “SOS Brigade.”

Sorry to be so unoriginal, but our first choice, “Hair Club for Harkonnen” wasn’t permitted. We were going to have the coolest ranks too… Baron Barber, Sardukar Pedicurist, Bené Gesserit Hairstylist, Fremen Manicurists, etc.

Of course, Dr. Heinous and I both have animé themed characters. My other one is “Ito Nobunaga” and his note is “An honorable swordsman and direct descendant of the famous samurai; he is only thought of as a villain by lessers who do not follow the code of bushido. (Don’t tell him he got the name wrong, it makes him angry. VERY angry.)”

The “famous samurai” is of course, Oda Nobunaga, so the in-joke is that he’s a westerner who doesn’t understand Japanese surnames come first.

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