Wikipedia: At War With Webcomics?

Apparently, the editorial policies at Wikipedia are making some people out there very unhappy. They’ve taken to deleting pages on webcomics, semi-pro football leagues, and other information they determine is “not notable.” Of course, the authors of those pages don’t particularly feel that they are “not notable,” and the resulting furor in their forums has resulted in a number of bannings.

I’m really not surprised at all this. Wikipedia does not have unlimited room. If every possible fact were crammed into it, it would then contain the sum total of all knowledge in the world — which would include one hell of a lot of trivia. I’m already unhappy enough with Google’s search routines; we don’t need a wiki so large its search engine runs on 40 Beowulf clusters cooled by liquid nitrogen beer and insulated by cereal. Needless to say, that’s just not going to happen. The Wiki editors have to pick and chose, and that means they have to establish criteria. Inevitably, articles by some authors just won’t make the grade, which means their work, their pride, joy (and ego) is going to lose a match with the delete button.

Instead of acting like the editors of Wikipedia are short-sighted fools for denying the author’s god-given right to a page on their favorite subject, it might behoove a few of the more motivated people to set up their own wiki project, based around their own interests.

But nobody would do that, would they?

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3 Responses to Wikipedia: At War With Webcomics?

  1. It was inevitable, I suppose. But where else than wikipedia could I type in “special weapons dalek” and actually be told something, other than “You’ve mispelled something. Did you mean “special olympics data”?

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    What surprised me was to punch in the name of my other blog, and actually get a result! Although I wasn’t surprised when I saw how I got listed.

  3. Pixy Misa says:

    What we need is a scalable system for building multiple independent but interlinked wikis. Preferably one that also supports blogs and forums and things like that, so all the shared information can be presented any way you choose.

    I guess I’d better get back to work then. 🙂

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