Fortunately, I’m Not That Famous

Though I’m quite sure I’m on at least one blogroll of someone who is…

Strange Strangers

They flow in and out like the tide, these strange people who come to my blog. Most people are cool, but there are others who are not so.

These strange people read my blog for a while, and become “attached” to me somehow. They make the transference from passive reader to personal friend, all within their own minds. And I start getting emails from them, first expressing a desire to be my “buddy,” and when that goes unfulfilled, I get emails from them expressing irritation with me for not responding the way they expected me. Sometimes they threaten to “not be my friend” anymore (as if we ever were), eventually they start accusing me of being a fraud or being dishonest about my blog. They do this in hopes, I’m sure, that I will then start writing to them, and accept them as friend.

Hat tip to Confabulation.

Animé blogging will be slow for another few days. Working OT and and have a pair of articles to write for Houblog and blogHOUSTON.

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