It Just Seems Quiet

Actually, I’ve been staying busy all week.  I’ve been sparring and deck tweaking all week in preparation for the State Championship in Magic: The Gathering.  Saturday morning, early, I, Master Plan, Cousin Redneck, and his 12 year old  son, Redneck Boy, all traipsed down to Strike Zone to give our best.  (Mack of Steel showed up late, as he had a wedding to go to. Fortunately, not his own, which made him the luckiest person of the day in our group.)  Sadly, our best sucked.  Badly.

Sadly, badly, madly…I’d gladly have done better!  Not one of us cracked the top 100.  So today was the first day of retooling. I’ve been surfing Ebay, picking up new cards and hanging out at the game shop dueling and talking shop.  Hopefully, my deck will emerge somewhat stronger.  Unlike the top decks, it isn’t built around a deck design that’s been published on the net.  Also unlike top decks, it doesn’t win, hence the retooling…

However, if you’re here for anime, don’t despair.  To unwind from the unsuccessful tourney, I have started a series of reviews; there are enough to keep me in new material for several days.  Each is partly done, and I’ll start posting them as soon as I finish the first, then let the rest leak out over the next few days.  All are based on recent fansubs; I still haven’t gotten around to doing that review on Dual!  It just doesn’t feel as immediate, seeing as it’s several years old, but I’ll get to it eventually.

Oh well, more cards to sort, doesn’t look like I’ll finish any of those write-ups tonight.

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