Crescent Love: Parody Without Humor (Animé Fansubs XI)

Well, the first of several reviews for this week is done. I picked the stupidest of the lot to start; it can only go uphill from here. Right? Right? Don’t ask me why I only subtitle them with numbers sometimes. I don’t know either.

Crescent Love has now officially turned the corner… and fallen into the pit of total ineptitude. The writers finally remembered to bring the parody up, but they totally forgot to bring the funny with it. Oh, I laughed my fundament off, but it wasn’t with the show — or alongside it either. No, the first laugh out loud experience this show gave me had to be reserved for Feena: Warrior Princess! And no, that’s not a screwup in the aspect ratio. That’s really what it looks like, which means any screwup is occuring betwixt file and screen.
Feena: Eight meters. Seven. Six. 

Ripley: It can’t be. That’s inside the room!

Yes, that’s right. She’s on a bug hunt. Some insect or another in Dad’s study resembles something she fears, that is so bizarrely out of left field I don’t know if it’s serious or the writers just made it up for a one-shot series of bad parodies. Anyway, Mia the meido faints, Tatsuya is knocked unconcious in a fall down the stairs, and so it’s up to Feena to save the day.

But as you see, Feena may be doing the Aliens thing, but we also get to learn more about Tatsuya’s dad… turns out he is Indiana Jones. He’s off on another grand adventure right now, but he’s infamous for having sneaked up to the moon as a youngster and posed as a student at a Lunar university. He was promptly deported, showing the good taste of the Lunar Immigration Service.

Good grief. I mean, really! Well, before she’s finished, Xena, uh, I mean Ripley–dammit, Feena, has managed to rescue her meido, lay waste to the house and royally (!) tick off Sayuki. And I’m not even going to go into the whole drowning puppy, drowning Feena, “omigod I have to do CPR/first kiss on her!” stupidity. All these cliches were mine, for the low, low cost of an internet connection, bittorent software, and the utter waste of a half-hour of my life.

But wait! There’s less!

Before we can get to the Princess Warrior, even before the Indiana Jones segment, we have to have the old standby cliché: Guy Caught in Compromising Position That’s Not His Fault And Girls Beat Him To a Pulp. “Ecchi!!!!” Do I even need to caption the scenes below, as Tatsuya returns to his room from a bath? I think not; it’s so cliché that the pictures alone are enough.

Well, the subtitles help a bit, but really, they weren’t necessary, were they? We all knew how it was going to play out from the moment he walked into his room and found Takano-sensei there.

What a groaner of an episode. I may soon drop this series; it’s not good enough to watch, nor is it bad enough to watch — it’s not even bad enough to be legendarily bad, like some shows we know. I can probably find a better use for the bandwidth, such as downloading yuri pr0n, last year’s winning lottery numbers, or pi to one billion digits.

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