There’s Always Godannar

Steven denBeste is looking for some brainless fanservice to pass the time.  Damifino what to suggest, since he doesn’t do fansubs.  Digging through my collection, there’s always Godannar, but it’s a robot series with most of the robot series clichés.  The dub is surprisingly tolerable, and I like Shizuru’s American VA better than her Japanese seiyuu.  Not so for Anna’s, unfortunately. I need to do the final series review for it.
Then of course, there’s DearS, which is probably my guiltiest pleasure.  (And I haven’t restored the pictures in either write up, dangit. Got more work to do soon.)  Miss Mitsuki (the teacher) is just too much and painful to watch, but the fanservice is otherwise excellent.  The reason I like it, though, is that it actually made an effort to explain the quirks of the major characters.  Takeya is phobic about the aliens and thinks Ren will turn out to be a lizard and enslave him, but there’s actually a reason he thinks like that. Nenneko is a tomboy and more likely to dress in fatigues than a dress — and before the show is over, you see why.  The DearS are almost patheticly eager to please people — and terrified that folks will find out too much about them, and you discover what it is that motivates them by the end also.  There are mysteries revealed and others hinted at; I get the feeling that the writers were actually going somewhere, but there was never a second season made.  And as I noted in the review, there’s character growth; whether or not there’s a happy ending is dependant on whether it happens in time.
Dual! is pretty cool, but it’s not a fanservice vehicle, even if the character designs for the ladies are attractive, and skintight suits for the ladies are…skintight. Gah. That’s another series I need to do a review of.  Not to mention a review of my current favorite fansub series, The Third.   And then there’s the long delayed DART vs. MetroRail comparison for Houblog.  Too much to write, too little time to do it in!  Right now, I’m trying to get ready for a Magic the Gathering tourney this weekend.  Tonight’s the first night I wasn’t sparring and deck tweaking.

Bah.  Let’s add five more hours to the day, not just one, come Saturday night….

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  1. Wonderduck says:

    There should be only one, and I KNOW he has it, even though it is ‘subbed: G-On Riders.

    Brainless? Check.
    Fanservice? Check.
    Decent art? Check.
    Meganekko? Check (in spades).
    Joshikousei? Check.

    What more could he want?

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    You forgot a few things…
    Loli’s? Check!
    Meido? Check!
    Andoroido? Check!

    Refresh your memory here… 🙂

    Of course, there’s still that pesky no-fansub rule of his. I just avoid the licensed stuff or if it is and I watched it, I buy it.

  3. Wonderduck says:

    Yes, he does have the no-fansub rule, but he broke it for G-On Riders! He obtained it via J Greely, if I remember correctly.

    Yes, I completely neglected to list Zero (only the best darn character in the whole show if you ask me),her bad Combat Android Maid self, as part of the attractions of the show.

    Ditto on the ‘rules for fansubbed shows’ here… it’s just wrong to not give the creators the credit required.

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