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Stupidity is Forever

A few years ago, when Pixy started, I signed up for a blog there. Not because I needed a third blog, but it was a requirement if I wanted to comment on blogs hosted with his service. (Mostly Steven’s, … Continue reading

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Not past the expiration date

In Kamen no Maid Guy there’s a joke late in the series about a pair of twins who are different ages. Well, it was funny at the time, but here’s how you do it.

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I Have the POWER!!!

Yup, bad power supply. It’s no thorium salt reactor, but Antec’s 750 watt power supply was enough to get the job done. Minor quibble, it’s big; I had to unship the top fan and could barely get it back in … Continue reading

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Hardware Bleg…

Well, it looks like I need some help. I’ve forgotten almost all the hardware stuff I thought I knew, and now I’ve got a broken computer. There’s no beeper installed, so I don’t have an error code to work with, … Continue reading

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I Want One!

This post has been sitting around a while, probably because posting it would have been a bit of “me-too-ism” from wherever I got it. Either Chizumatic or the Pond, most likely. Brickmuppet’s? Enh, dunno. But anyway…. Automated paintball gun in … Continue reading

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Just Thinking…

Steven goes on about his super share ratio at Baka BT… sheesh, give a guy a big HD and a commercial connection, and he goes berserk. Meanwhile, I still haven’t broken 1.0 share ratio, although that’s partially because I downloaded … Continue reading

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Gotta love it…

Technology is a wonderful thing. (Link safe for work, but not the video).

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