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Aria, The Scarlet Ninny

You know, I think I saw part of this when I was reading the manga. And it was so utterly drenched in stupid, that I failed to comprehend it. I must have lost some brain cells, because this time, I … Continue reading

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Madoka, the Ending.

Yet another post that started as a comment over at Chizumatic. Well, I’m having a bit of “I told you so” smugness about the ending, although I somewhat agree with Avatar’s argument. (Yes, even though I took the opposite position … Continue reading

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What a Season — It Was (updated)

So little time… so much change of opinion. As I said about ten days ago, there were no less than eight shows I was following from the new season, though I forgot to mention that I’m still following Index II … Continue reading

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Freezing — Manga and Anime

So, after watching Freezing ep. 3, I got the urge to back to the manga and pick up from where the anime currently was. After I spent a couple of hours re-reading it, I was fairly annoyed that it left … Continue reading

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Zettai Karen Children — Anime & Manga (updated)

This isn’t one of my better series reviews, as I think I’m still too close to the show to distill the essentials out in a compact fashion. Still, letting it sit and mulling it for two weeks didn’t help, so … Continue reading

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Looks Like We Got a Cling-on, Captain

So I was just preparing to write a post (not about Railgun, as I promised) when I noticed a Twitter pingback from someone called “otakusphere.” I checked it out… looks like another one of those stupid machine aggregators trying to … Continue reading

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Some Random Thoughts

(edited for spelling and clarity) Lately, its not been that I have had nothing to say, I simply haven’t had the motivation to say it. Wait, I said that already. Ok, fine, so here we go on another stream-of-alleged-consciousness post … Continue reading

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