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So, now that 5 of the 6 episodes are out, I finally got around to watching it on Crunchy. And unless this series utterly fubars the last episode, it’s going to get a B+ from me. Even if the ending … Continue reading

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Home Stretch, Fall 2011

So here we are with just a few weeks left in the season, and I’m still following a number of shows. Now why would I do that? Well, probably because I want to….but lets look at why. Unless you have … Continue reading

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Angst in Animé

One of the subjects you’ll see come up for discussion from time to time is angst. Some viewers claim to hate it, and others revel in it. But what is angst? Why do people disagree over it in animé? Obviously, … Continue reading

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Aria, The Scarlet Ninny

You know, I think I saw part of this when I was reading the manga. And it was so utterly drenched in stupid, that I failed to comprehend it. I must have lost some brain cells, because this time, I … Continue reading

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Madoka, the Ending.

Yet another post that started as a comment over at Chizumatic. Well, I’m having a bit of “I told you so” smugness about the ending, although I somewhat agree with Avatar’s argument. (Yes, even though I took the opposite position … Continue reading

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What a Season — It Was (updated)

So little time… so much change of opinion. As I said about ten days ago, there were no less than eight shows I was following from the new season, though I forgot to mention that I’m still following Index II … Continue reading

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Freezing — Manga and Anime

So, after watching Freezing ep. 3, I got the urge to back to the manga and pick up from where the anime currently was. After I spent a couple of hours re-reading it, I was fairly annoyed that it left … Continue reading

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