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A Little More Railgun

So I’m in Dallas, watching Railgun with Dr. Heinous, and I’m picking up on some hints that weren’t obvious before. One of the things that occurred to me is that Uiharu’s power might be related to computers–her hairband of flowers … Continue reading

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Imagine Breaker

Ok, I just finished watching the last few episodes of To Aru Majutsu no Index, and I have three observations, two of which are spoilers (one speculative) and so I’m putting them below the fold.

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Index’s Power

At Chizumatic, Steven remarks in the comments, “The potential present in the premise about Index is intriguing, but if it were fully developed she’d be too strong, too overwhelming.” Indeed. In The Dresden Files, (series) the author takes the concept … Continue reading

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More AMG Manga Reflections (updated)

Forget the Goddesses’ parentage, Keichi’s are damned strange. His father Keima is an artisian glassblower and just as much a motorcyclist as his kids; Keichi’s never beaten him in a race (and still can’t). His ability on a motorcycle is … Continue reading

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Who is Keichi Morisato? (Updated)

And just what is Belldandy? What is it that’s special about her? Power level? Training? Empathy? Following are some probably silly speculations; I say silly because I don’t think Fujishima worries about these things or has any plans to head … Continue reading

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Are You Out of Your Alledged Mind?

So let me get this straight… There’s going to be a total of SIX iterations of the time loop in the Endless Eight arc? The only possible explanation of this is that they were trying to top season one’s mixed-up … Continue reading

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Fuku to You Too! (Tenchi GXP)

Ok, so I was fooling around at lunch, clicking random links and somewhow I ended up on SDB’s Tenchi post, back when he and I were discussing GXP. I really enjoyed watching the series and it provided the base for … Continue reading

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